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Online Services

Direct access to your insurance file

Narrator: At Desjardins Insurance, we like to make things easy for you.

That's why we're inviting you to discover our Online Services.

Text on screen: Direct access to my insurance file.

It's secure, easy to use and, most importantly, it will save you time.

It's the perfect place to view and modify the details of your policies or to submit an auto claim, in no time.

Text on screen: Sign up now.

Using Desjardins Insurance's Online Services couldn't be simpler.

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Online Services gives you access to your auto and home insurance policies, as well as a range of practical tools.

Image on screen: The online services login page followed by a view where you can see the insurance policies and the actions: details, change, claim, simulate an automobile transaction.

There, you can download, view or print your insurance policies, choose another payment option or change your address.

You can also use Online Services to add drivers to your auto insurance policy or even to notify us that you will be putting your vehicle in storage.

All that, without speaking to an agent on the phone.

Text on screen: Available 24/7.

Accidents can happen to anyone.

In the event of a mishap, our Online Services are designed to help you get through it more smoothly.

You'll find the form to submit an online claim and a tool to select a repair shop.

Online Services offers an additional advantage: an insurance shopping tool.

In just six questions, you'll receive an insurance estimate on the vehicles you’re looking at.

Once you've purchased a new vehicle, it's very simple to add it to your policy.

Text on screen: The quickest route to great advantages.

With so many practical advantages, it's clear that managing your policies with Desjardins Insurance Online Services is the smart way to go.

Text on screen: Direct access to my insurance file.

Simplify your life. Sign up today.

Image on screen: Desjardins Insurance logo.

Text on screen: Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins General Insurance Inc., provider of auto, home and business insurance.

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Why use Online Services?

It’s fast, easy and secure!

Watch our short videos to learn about everything you can do with our Online Services.

Access your insurance file

See, download and print your insurance policies. Change your method of payment.

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File an insurance claim

Use our online claim form to report an accident or damage.

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Modify your insurance file

Add a driver or vehicle, or store your vehicle.

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Compare premiums for different vehicles

Use our simulation tool to quickly compare premiums for different vehicles.

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Express Services

Here are four services you can use without having to log on to your Online Services account: